Our top 5 tips for making the most of extras cover

If you have extras or are considering getting them, here's how you can make the most of them.

1. Check what you can claim!

Everyone knows about the big three (dental, physio & optical), and you've probably heard of remedial massage as a claimable extra, but lots of health funds (including ahm!) also offer cover for many other natural therapies. And we'll eat our hat if you've heard of all them* - Acupuncture, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy, Biochemistry, Bowen therapy, Chinese medicine (consultations only), Exercise physiology, Feldenkrais, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Myotherapy, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Rolfing, Shiatsu to name a few. If health insurance wasn't our speciality, we would have thought there were 1 or 2 dog breeds thrown into that mix!

Check out our product guides to find out which ones are included in your cover (where you have cover for natural therapies) and for more info.

*This promise is subject to availability and hat size.

2. Use them before you lose them

Extras limits reset every 1 July. So when it's getting close to June 30 (or any time really), log in to your account and see if there's any unused amounts you can still claim. You might get a pleasant surprise!

3. You might be able to claim in more places than you think

Don't want to break up with your dentist, optometrist, or other extras provider you've grown fond of? Unlike some health insurers, we'll pay the same benefits at all extras providers, as long as they are legally qualified to practise in Australia and have been recognised by ahm. So you choose your provider, not us.

4. Think about which extras you're likely to use

Sounds a bit obvious, but it's important. If you're likely to only use one or two services (e.g. just physio or dental) then a flexi limit is a good option. Our black+white flexi packages give you one lump sum to use on one, or all of your included extras each financial year plus a separate optical limit. Which really means... if you want to spend more time at the dentist, who are we to stop you?

5. Make friends with our Benefit calculator

Before you head off to your favourite provider, log in to Member Services and use our Beneift calculator to get an idea of what you'll get back.

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